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To get the best of best for your lunch or dinner during a busy day or when you just do not feel like cooking; them Burger King is your place. It offers the best flavor full burgers. It is not only good at taste but it also has the best customer relation repute. It shows concerns for its consumers and look forward to their comments. The reflection of customers is gathered from Burger King Survey which assists them to examine your views.

Burger King Survey
Burger King Survey

About Burger King

Burger King is the renowned burger and fast food chain of America. Its headquarter is located in Florida. Its franchise are spread all around the globe, in many countries and is running successfully. Burger King is popular for its amazing quality of food and public relations. It has a vast menu with various combos.

Tell what you have got in your mind and heart: Burger King Survey

Burger King is a well reputed fast food chain. It promises the best in everything for its customers. As the consumers are the asset of the company. So with all its care it always look for their response and feedback in order to keep track of satisfaction of the customers. The Burger King Survey is designed by the company to get the insight of each and every customer.

Instructions with Images

Below are the guidelines given so that you can complete the Burger King Survey. The Burger King Survey is simple and short. It won’t take much of your time. The steps are in detail along with pictures to give you a clear instruction. Follow each and every step mentioned below for a successful completion of the Burger King Survey.

  • Click on the link www.mybkexperience.com
  • The Burger King Survey official page will open in your browser
  • It will look exactly like the picture shown below
Burger King® Survey | MyBKExperience.com
Burger King® Survey | MyBKExperience.com
  • On this page Select the language from the bottom left corner from Español or Français if you want to
  • Grab your receipt and look for the store number typed on the top of your receipt

  • Enter the store number in the dialogue box given on the page of Burger King Survey and click Next to proceed

  • On the next page you are supposed to enter the 21 digit survey code

  • You’ll find the survey code printed on the extreme bottom of your receipt

  • Enter the code and enter Start button to start the Burger King Survey

Are you Eligible?

To attempt the Burger King Survey you must be eligible for it. The eligibility depends on few minor but important things. You must be 18 years old or older than that. You must be National ID Card holder to be eligible for the Burger King Survey. And most importantly you must have the burger king receipt from your last visit. If all these criteria is fulfilled then you may start with the Burger King Survey.

WINNER Notification

On the completion of the Burger King survey you will automatically register for the voucher race. The lucky one from all the entrees will get the free vouchers of Burger King Meals. The question arise is that how will the winner know about it? So the lucky winners for the vouchers of Burger King Meals on attempt to completion of Burger King Survey will be posted and announced on several social media mediums of Burger King. The participants should keep track of the announcement from Burger King.

Rules and Regulations

The Burger King Survey participation comes with some rules and regulations that are set by the management of the company. The rules are simple and easy to follow to avoid any kind of glitch throughout this process.

  • The company will not be responsible for any incorrect or mistyped information from the participant
  • No entrée will be accepted at any cost after the deadline
  • The Burger King has the full right to cancel any entrée at any time depending of the circumstances
  • The results declared by the Burger King will be accepted and respected

Contact Information

To contact Burger King all you need to do is call on their customer service number which is 1-866-394-2493. You can even contact them through the official website of Burger King. And to get further information regarding contact; then open the link https://www.bk.com/contact-us to look into.

Thank you for your precious time!

Burger King is obliged for your time that you took out to fill in the Burger King Survey. It was of great help and we keep looking forward to your feedbacks in future to help us improve our service and relations with you. Your response is kept private and is processed by our client relation management team to give you the best service by the Burger King.

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