Tell RaceTrac Survey | Take Official TellRaceTrac Survey | Win $500

Tell RaceTrac Customer Survey site can be opened at this link which is a collective public platform designed to assemble customer feedback exclusively for RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.

Any customer who completes the entire Tell RaceTrac Customer Survey will be given various exciting offers and prizes which can be availed using the purchase slip from RaceTrac on your recent visit there.

TellRaceTrac Store
TellRaceTrac Store

When the whole of the Tell RaceTrac Customer Survey has been completed you will be given a special redeemable code. This code can then be cashed on your next purchase at any of the RaceTrac stations and you will be given a special offer.

As you are shown the code right after the completion of Tell RaceTrac Customer Survey you must immediately pen it down on your purchase slip and simply show this code when you visit the RaceTrac station next time.

What are the pre-rituals for attempting the www.Tell Customer Survey?

Of course before filling any form online you require a certain set of qualifications and pre requisites that must be ready beforehand so that you become eligible to take that survey.

For the Tell RaceTrac Survey these are the pre-requisites:

  1. You must get a stable and reliable internet connection enabled on your fully charged device
  2. You should either have sufficient command over English or must know Spanish since these are the only two languages in which the Tell RaceTrac Survey is offered online.
  3. You should be in possession of a recent valid and authentic purchase slip form any outlet of RaceTrac
  4. You should also be at least 18 years in age to be able to qualify for the Tell RaceTrac Survey.

A Quick Tip to remember for Tell RaceTrac Survey coupon code!

When you are done completing the Tell RaceTrac Survey you will be shown the coupon code on your screen which is to be redeemed on your next visit.

The quick hack to remember is that you need to immediately pen this coupon code down on the same purchase slip you have in front of you because once the browser closes the code would disappear as well.

Save yourself from the hassle of wasting your redeemable offer code by keeping a pen in front of you!

How to complete the Tell RaceTrac Customer Survey stepwise?

These are the steps you need to follow to complete the Tell RaceTrac Customer Survey online:

TellRaceTrac Logo
TellRaceTrac Logo
  1. Open this webpage from your internet browser
  2. You must ensure that a lock icon is appearing beside your web browser address bar where you type in the web address for Tell RaceTrac Customer Survey. This lock icon makes sure that the SSL Encryption is turned on which protects any personally identifying data that you enter on the website. This also stops any sort of phishing attacks in the future that might come your way.
  3. When the official survey page pops open you need to make a selection for your language. The choices would be between Spanish and English.
TellRaceTrac - Freshly Brewe Coffee
TellRaceTrac – Freshly Brewe Coffee

4. Hit the NEXT button to move forward.

5. Then type in the Store ID which would be printed accurately on your     purchase slip.

6. Tap on the button for “Next” where you must give the following:

  • Date of visit,
  • Dollar amount of your bill at the store,
  • Time when you visited the RaceTrac location.
  1. Tap on “Next”
  2. The actual questionnaire will comprise of many questions asking about the kind of experience you faced at RaceTrac. Answer honestly!
  3. Tap on the “Complete Survey” button at the end of the questionnaire to finish submitting your survey successfully/
  4. When you have finished the whole of Tell RaceTrac Customer Survey you will be given a special redeemable code as promised above using which you can easily avail your offer as provided by the RaceTrac Company.
  5. Your final task is to copy down the redemption code accurately without missing any digits on your purchase slip so that you can avail it next time when you go to RaceTrac.
  6. You must pen down this code as soon as possible because once you close the website for Tell RaceTrac Survey the code would disappear.

Hope these step-wise instructions can help you fill the Tell RaceTrac Survey easily without any hindrances!

MyZaxbysVisit | Fill MyZaxby’s® Survey to Win $1000-$1,500 cash prize

Zaxby’s Customer Survey platform has been introduced by Zaxby’s at because they wanted to open a listening ear to all their customers regarding their feedback on the taste of the food and range of menu among other aspects and in return they are giving a chances to enter one in a lifetime kind of sweepstakes.

This article will walk you through all the necessary steps to complete the Zaxby’s Customer Survey which otherwise are not only hard to find but at times without instructions a person is helpless online so keep reading.

The immensely increasing competition in the food chain market has compelled companies to get directly in touch with their customers so that they can deliver to the exact demands of their taste buds. Same has been the case with Zaxby’s since they designed the open platform of Zaxby’s Customer Survey.

Moreover in this intense competitive environment Zaxby’s wants to hear the new things their customers would like to see from them in addition to any suggestions in improvement in their menu, services, environment, serving etc.

Zaxby’s Survey
Zaxby’s serves crispy fried chicken wings with fries, bread, salad and dip.

And the most convenient, direct and feasible way to hear from customers is through the online survey platform such as the MyZaxbysVisit.

MyZaxbysVisit - Burgers
MyZaxbysVisit – Zaxby’s burgers, fries and cold drink.

Zaxby’s has designed the Zaxby’s Customer Survey online to close the communication gap between the food chain and their customers which many other companies fail to do so and customers haplessly roam around trying to get in touch with the respective managements.

Zaxby's Customer Survey
Zaxby’s – Chicken Finders & Buffalo Wings.

Furthermore Zaxby’s intends to fulfill all the taste bud pleasures of their customers better than their competitors in the market and good news is that their platform for Zaxby’s Customer Survey has indeed helped them achieve their goal in this perspective.

What are some of the Terms and Conditions to

MyZaxbysVisit - Buffalo Wings
Zaxbys Hot Buffalo Wings
  • One customer has a chance of winning a cash prize worth $1000 up to a limit of 10 times.
  • A customer will also be given a chance to win other gifts and prizes if they complete the entire Zaxby’s Customer Survey.
  • The other instant gifts have an average worth of $1,500.
  • The best part about Zaxby’s Customer Survey is that if you wish to enter the sweepstakes it is not necessary to make a purchase from there.

About Zaxby’s

Zaxby’s as you would already know or would have guessed by now is a US based chain of food restaurants which is renowned for making scrumptious chicken wings in addition to sandwiches, crispy chicken fingers, fries, salads and a number of soups. They also have an exciting menu for kids which is separate.

Zaxby's Feedback Survey
Zaxby’s Sandwich

The chain was established back in 1990 in a location at Statesboro, Georgia. And now for almost 3 decades the company has managed to open above 800 branches across 18 states of United States and is particularly famous in the Southern side of America.

MyZaxbysVisit Hot Buffalo Wings
Zaxby’s Hot Buffalo Wings!

What is the step by step guideline to complete the MyZaxbysVisit?

It is about time that you are told of all the in detail step by step guidelines needed to complete the Zaxby’s Customer Survey which would then help you enter their exciting sweepstakes and instant prizes lucky draw.

Here they are:

  1. From any device that you own which is connected to the internet visit the following web page
  2. This link will open the official page for Zaxby’s Customer Survey on your respective screen.
  3. On the main page you will have to give the exact time you visited Zaxby’s, the value of your bill and a special survey code.
  4. The above asked credentials will be printed on your purchase slip that you have from your last visit at Zaxby’s.
  5. Now the questionnaire section for Zaxby’s Customer Survey will pop open and according to the kind of experience you had there you will be required to answer the questions asked.
  6. Once the Zaxby’s Customer Survey has been done you must enter your correct name and contact information (at your own discretion) to enter the sweepstakes and enter a chance to get $1,000 daily.
  7. You will also be asked to write a detailed review on how you find Zaxby’s and Zaxby’s services.